Tech Expo

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unlocks new potential

Showfloor Features
  • Smart manufacturing
    Smart manufacturing
    Discover advanced technologies for enhanced operational efficiency and the integration of Industry 4.0 in manufacturing
  • Smart city
    Smart city
    Experience urban management technologies centered on digital solutions, data governance, and citizen-centric approaches
  • Hydrogen
    Showcase innovations in hydro technology, renewable energy, and contribute to the global green energy landscape
  • Semiconductor
    Engage with advanced technologies in semiconductor manufacturing, shaping the electronics industry
  • Healthcare
    Showcase technologies optimizing healthcare operations, enhancing quality, and broadening medical service access
  • Environmental Technology
    Environmental Technology
    Explore technological solutions for resource management activities, fostering a sustainable and green future
  • Digital media
    Digital media
    Presenting digital communication technologies alongside creative content that creating immersive and captivating experience
  • Cyber Security
    Cyber Security
    Showcasing cybersecurity solutions, exemplifying Vietnam's progress in establishing and maintaining digital infrastructure
Venue Mapping
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