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  • Enchanting Senses Zone
    Immerse yourself in an audio landscape that evokes the sensation of stepping into a valley with cold air, the sound of a stream, the wings of a mist-covered forest, and a ground that transforms into characteristic terraced fields of Vietnam. Amidst picturesque landscapes, your eyes feast on babbling streams, bamboo groves, and lush surroundings. Each element harmoniously whispers the importance of preserving our environment and embracing green technologies.
  • Green Terrarium
    This space offers a refreshing retreat amidst lush tropical greenery. It also serves as a convenient spot for tea breaks during events and conferences. This harmonious blend of technology and nature creates a friendly and welcoming ambiance, ensuring a delightful experience.
  • Business Zone
    This is a realm of forward-thinking where the spotlight shines on green hydrogen technology. You can experience interactive displays that unveil the production process of green hydrogen and showcase physical devices like batteries, engines, and electric chargers. Embark on an electric mobility journey and discover the boundless possibilities of eco-friendly solutions.
Smart Factory

Smart Factory

  • Smart Factory
    Discover three main experiential zones, including an advanced production line with automated processes and high-tech CNC systems, precision-driven robotic arms, and intelligent logistics for seamless supply chain management. Step into the future of manufacturing and witness the transformative power of automation, robotics, and efficient operations
  • Virtual Factory
    This space is an immersive digital space that unveils the concept, role, and cutting-edge technologies behind smart manufacturing. Experience this futuristic realm through two main immersive experiences. On the physical model (centerpiece), observe the fundamental cycle of a factory, from product design to shipment, as customers use an iPad with Augmented Reality (AR) to track data and explore technological processes. In the VR Corner, customers can don VR glasses to experience a glimpse of the future Smart Factory, engaging in interactive operations and interactions as if they were truly there.
  • Control Room
    At Control Room, data will come to life, showcasing the application of Smart Factory data in optimizing operations through predefined scenarios. Here, we display real-time data in various scenarios, demonstrating how it empowers Smart Factory to achieve peak performance. Witness firsthand how data-driven insights and analytics lead to enhanced efficiency, seamless coordination, and proactive decision-making.
Smart City

Smart City

  • Hoa Lac AR Model
    Through the AR City Model accessed via your phone, you are invited to embark on a remarkable journey, where the realm of a flourishing Smart City converges harmoniously with the essence of the NIC at its core. Prepare to be mesmerized by the intricacies of the meticulously crafted physical model and the dynamic digital twin, each thoughtfully designed to ignite your imagination and awaken your curiosity. You can Interact with the gigital Twin, a real-time data reservoir empowering city planners, decision-makers, and citizens to collaboratively nurture a harmonious urban landscape.
  • Smart City Technology Zone
    Be captivated as you unveil the allure of a smarter tomorrow in the Smart City Technology Zone, embracing the transformative power of technology to pave the way for a vibrant and sustainable urban future: Smart Home and Smart Care, where cutting-edge solutions enhance comfort and well-being; Smart Commerce, where Point of Sale (POS), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) redefine business operations - Surveillance and Smart Cameras, where you can witness the innovative IoT solutions - Energy and environmental management. that harness the power of technology to optimize energy consumption and foster a greener, more sustainable environment
  • Green Retreatment Space
    This green space is where sustainable living meets relaxation in perfect harmony. This unique zone combines the wonders of green energy with serene spaces for rejuvenation and leisure.
Digital media lab

Digital media lab

  • Infinitive Studio
    You can explore the cutting-edge space designed for content creation in gaming, entertainment, film, and events. Equipped with a state-of-the-art livestreaming and live broadcasting room, it sets the stage for seamless production experiences. Beyond events, the studio caters to long-term business rentals, prioritizing supported enterprises from brands and the National Innovation Center (NIC). Experience the limitless possibilities of Infinitive as it empowers creativity and serves as a dynamic hub for content creation, fostering the growth of businesses in the digital realm.
  • AR/VR Studio
    Welcome to the AR/VR Studio, where captivating digital realities come to life. Experience cutting-edge AR/VR content creation, lifelike 3D modeling, and realistic motion simulation. Our studio is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, including a content production area for creating captivating AR/VR content, a 360-degree scanning chamber for building lifelike 3D models and metahumans, and motion capture technology for realistic motion simulation and facial expressions.
  • Digital twin space
    Enter the realm of the Digital Twin Space, a captivating fusion of virtual and physical worlds. Discover the power of digital twinning technology as it replicates and mirrors real-world objects, systems, and environments. Immerse yourself in the wonders of a parallel universe where data-driven insights and simulations shape a smarter and more connected future. Experience the transformative potential of the Digital Twin Space as it unlocks new dimensions of innovation and possibilities for a thriving tomorrow.
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