The Opening Ceremony of NIC Hoa Lac

A Key Milestone
in Fostering Innovation Ecosystem

After nearly three years of construction, since its groundbreaking on November 9th, 2021, the center is now prepared to commence operations, serving as a focal point for converging and connecting various entities within the innovation and creative transformation ecosystem.

The opening ceremony of NIC Hoa Lac signifies a significant milestone for the National Innovation Center's Hoa Lac on its journey to propel the development of the entrepreneurial innovation ecosystem in Vietnam.

Main activities

With a series of activities fostering innovation and creativity, the key events at the NIC Hoa Lac Opening Ceremony serve as tangible evidence of the government's commitment to the advancement of Vietnam innovation ecosystem. These activities are anticipated to establish a space for exchange, connectivity, and exhibition of solutions for businesses and industry entities.
  • Keynote address from government leaders
    Keynote address from government leaders
    The Prime Minister and the Minister of the Ministry of Planning and Investment delivered opening remarks, affirming the vision, mission, and direction of NIC Hoa Lac within Vietnam's innovation ecosystem.
  • Encounter between leaders and enterprises
    Encounter between leaders and enterprises
    Government officials and embassy representatives tour exhibition zones, engage in hands-on experiences, and meet with select partners and notable exhibitors.
  • Technology and arts performance
    Technology and arts performance
    A visual art performance combining 3D mapping and stage motion symbolizes Vietnam's advancements and the pioneering role of NIC in the national innovation journey.
MC Introduces Inauguration Ceremony and Introduces Delegates
NIC Hoa Lac Inauguration Ceremony
Delegates move into the Auditorium and take their seats
Artistic performance combined with Technology as the Opening Act
MC Introduction & Video about NIC and VIIE2023
Address by the Minister of Planning and Investment
Announcement of Collaboration between NIC and Partners
Presentation of the Vietnam Innovation Award 2023
Address by a Representative of Exemplary Partners
Directive Address by the Prime Minister
VIIE 2023 Inaugural Ceremony
MC Concludes and Invites Distinguished Guests to Continue Visiting the Exhibition
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