A National Consumer-Centric Excellence Award

Better Choice Awards

The Story of Better Choice Awards 2023
  • Nurture and Celebrate Innovations
    The event recognizes and honors breakthroughs in innovative products, services, and achievements that bring significant benefits to consumers.

    Building on the success of the Car Choice Awards 2022, the Better Choice Awards 2023 will focus on three crucial sectors:
  • Vision and Mission
    We aspire to transform the Better Choice Awards into a prestigious annual national accolade, earning acknowledgment from consumers themselves, influential voices within communities, and a high-caliber team of experts.

    Through this, we aim to deliver even better product options that cater to individual usage requirements.
  • Award Categories
    Smart Choice Awards: Honoring innovative and breakthrough technological products.

    Car Choice Awards: Recognizing automobiles tailored for consumers.

    Innovative Choice Awards: Commending products and brands that have successfully applied innovative changes.
  • Artistic Performances
    The Better Choice Awards integrate cutting-edge audio-visual technology with the presence of innovative products in the nominations. This combination is complemented by music and captivating artistic performances.
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