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Main activities in Opening Week
  • The Opening Ceremony of NIC Hoa Lac
    The opening ceremony of NIC Hoa Lac signifies a significant milestone for Vietnam National Innovation Center its journey to propel the development of the entrepreneurial innovation ecosystem in Vietnam.
  • Technology experience
    The technology experience offers visitors an immersive journey into the digital realm, featuring unique multi-sensory experiences across four zones: Smart City, Smart Factory, Digital Media Lab, and Eco-Valley
  • Tech Expo
    Vietnam International Innovation Expo serves as a platform to introduce and showcase standout technologies and products from advanced corporations, businesses, and startup entities in Vietnam and other countries across the globe.
  • Vietnam Venture Summit (VVS) 2023
    The Vietnam Ventures Summit (VVS) is an annual dialogue between domestic and international investment funds, government advisors, and the startup community. The forum serves as a gathering where all elements of the innovative startup ecosystem convene.
  • Industry Conferences
    The event gathers experts, leaders, and politicians to discuss critical global topics, including Energy, Semiconductor, Gaming, Corporate Innovation and Martech Innovation.
  • STEAM activities
    The STEAM activities are a special playground for Vietnamese students to nurture their mindset, capability, and passion for science and technology through interactive experiences with technical models, scientific experiments.
  • Better Choice Award
    Better Choice Awards 2023 is an accolade aimed at expressing gratitude and honoring groundbreaking, creatively innovative products that serve consumers' needs to the fullest. Covering three categories: Smart, Car, and Green, this award gathers hundreds of nominated products, subject to voting and display at the largest technology, industry, and automotive exhibition in Southeast Asia.
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“The Vietnam International Innovation Expo 2023 showcases outstanding domestic and international technological solutions, facilitates interactions with major global tech corporations, and underscores Vietnam's innovation potential and global standing.”

– Nguyen Chi Dzung, Vietnam Minister of Planning and Investment

Thank you for joining us
  • The organizing committee would like to extend its sincere gratitude to the esteemed delegates who participated in the Vietnam International Innovation Expo 2023 (VIIE 2023) and the Inauguration Ceremony of the Hoa Lac National Innovation Center, held from October 28th to November 1st, 2023.
  • VIIE 2023 was a resounding success, with the participation of nearly 40,000 distinguished delegates, including leaders from the Party and Government, as well as representatives from various localities and domestic and international corporations. It also included representatives from entities within the innovative ecosystem, such as institutes, educational institutions, incubators, and the Vietnam Innovation Network (VIN) across different countries.
  • The organizing committee sincerely appreciates the esteemed delegates for their participation in the Vietnam International Innovation Expo 2023. We look forward to continuing the connection, exchange, and sharing of information and innovative activities with the esteemed delegates in the coming years at the Vietnam International Innovation Exhibition.
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